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Karina Dwyer
Karina Dwyer
Interior Designer
I help customers create interiors that are enjoyable to live in. The lifestyle aspect of interior design and decorating is what is important to me. I beleive that clean, comfortable design and furnishings are the key. Add vibrant colour, a mix of modern & traditional and the result is a truely irresistable interior environment.

Karina Dwyer Dip Arts (Interior Design) RMIT. Professional Member of the Design Institute of Australia. Karina graduated RMIT in 1995 and joined the architectural firm 'Drawn Circle'. In 1997 she was offered a position with John Matenson Interior Design and Decor which she subsequenty purchased. In 1999 Karina commenced trading as KMD Designs Pty Ltd which now operates from her studio.
KMD specialise in all aspects of corporate and residential interior design and decor including:
- colour schemes and paint finishes
- kitchen design, colour & finishes
- bathroom renovation design
- tiles, flooring, carpets & rugs
- window treatments
- furniture selection & placement

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Anthony Arter
Anthony Arter
Arter Constructions specialise in Architecturally designed building and development work. From inner city developments to sub-divisions and Architecturally designed renovations, the hallmark of Arter’s work is quality and a superior finish.
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